Workshop - Playing the mouth harmonica € 22 p.p. incl. BTW
The mouth harmonica is a great instrument for a swinging teambuilding event, it is approachable yet challenging. During this workshop you will be taught by a professional musician, who will teach you everything about this handy instrument and will show you how, with a little help, you can soon be playing along on the ‘bluesharp’. Reading notes? That is not necessary! Even musical illiterates will feel happy during this musical intermezzo.

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  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Popquiz! € 25 p.p. incl. BTW
This swinging competition full of music and fun is highly recommended for both young and old! Sing along to old and new hits. listen to tunes from television series and bluff each other with your knowledge...this is sure to add some healthy competition to your company or team! Our generous presenter / DJ* will hand out the sheets and ensure you have a swinging and informal line up. And the winning team? They will go home with our famous ’Oscar’ of the pop quizzes!

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Popquiz Modern Talking 142x107
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

XL ! Extra Large, Extra Fun! Price on request
It is not always a simple task to organise something unique for a large group. You spend all your time looking for a program that is held in a large location. and this often has a formal feel. instead of atmospheric and informal. At Double Dutch Events we strive to ensure your party is a memorable event. One day and / or evening with various activities. fun tours and workshops for everyone. held in a location that suits the character of the day.

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Bedrijfsuitje_dagarrangement XL
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘The Undutchables’ - a fun and unique workshop € 29 p.p. incl. BTW
Do you know the famous comic books ‘I always get my sin‘ and ‘The Undutchables? Shake them up. add some new elements and you have a unique team-building workshop. which people will talk about for a long time to come... Look at the Dutch through the eyes of a foreigner in this unique and fun workshop based on the famous books ‘The Undutchables‘ and ‘I always get my sin’ where us Dutch are the ones being mocked.

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Undutchables_olijke duo
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Festive Painting workshop € 39 p.p. incl. BTW
Give colour to your group outing and go painting with your colleagues!
In a pleasant painting studio near the Vondelpark, you and your colleagues will, with the help of our professional artist, work on the paintings.
A lot is possible, for example create one theme painting per person, or work in groups on a ‘giant painting’ as creative teambuilding exercise.

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  Amsterdam    Utrecht  

Improvisation through theatre sports € 36 p.p. incl. BTW
Fancy. improvise and shine during this workshop improvisation theatre. There is no theatre experience needed. just let the story guide you. which develops itself as you go along. Maybe you can already picture some hilarious situations. as there is no certain script. You will absolutely get to know some new aspects of your colleagues during this company outing.

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theatersport bedrijfsuitje-
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Singingworkshop ‘X-Factor‘ - record your own CD or MP3! € 28 p.p. incl. BTW
You might not get excited by the idea of singing in front of your collegues. but this singing workshop is definitely fun! The easy-going and cheerful singer will pull everyone along. Whether you want to sing ‘Dancing Queen‘. ‘Under the boardwalk‘ or ‘Everyone‘s a winner‘. it is all possible and you do not need to have any singing experience. Just sing. and you will have a great time together. Maybe you even have the X-Factor!

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Vrijgezellenfeest_bedrijfsuitje Zangworkshop
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Gimme all you got’ - Rap & Beats - workshop € 29 p.p. incl. BTW
Flow with the rhyme. you will feel so fine... You might get the picture...> ‘ To rap ’ is rhythmic rhyming on music and during this fun workshop together you will make your own original ‘Rap‘ on the music of ’a ‘cool ’ beat with the help of our professional and experienced ‘MC Alex’.

More info ‘Gimme all you got’ - Rap & Beats - workshop
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Workshop Cupcake decorating € 35 p.p. incl. BTW
Male or female, old and young, everyone has some creativity within. This comes to life in a fun and tasty manner in our cupcake decorating workshop. This classic sand cake will once again be a hit through creative and hip variations which appeared in ‘Sex and the City’ and have been more popular ever since. After a short explanation from our ‘Cupcake diva’ you will get creative with colourful marzipan and many different ways to decorate your cupcake.

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  Amsterdam    Rotterdam  

‘Royal Bluf’ - poker workshop € 34,50 p.p. incl. BTW
Everyone is talking about it. it is on the news and you find it on the Internet. What a hit..Poker! During this card game you are expected to form the highest card combinations possible with cards like ‘ace‘. ‘king‘. ‘queen‘ or ‘jack‘. or to make an uncalled bet. Bluffing is a must! Even better. the one who is able to bluff and to put on a poker face will have more chances in winning the game.

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Vrijgezellenfeest_bedrijfsuitje Pokeren
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

L’Esprit du Vin’ € 28 p.p. incl. BTW
Stir up your senses and improve your wine knowledge during this informal wine tasting. You will be welcomed in an authentic and pleasant wine basement in the catacombs next to the Nieuwe Kerk in the heart of the city centre. You will be guided by an experienced and enthusiastic wine importer of special wines from the ‘New World‘ (Argentina and Chile). Or you will be welcomed by a wine importer, who is known for its wines which he buys directly from wine farmers, in a cosy wine cellar near one of the canals. Both tastings guarantee you an informative and pleasant outing. On location possible for larger groups!

More info L’Esprit du Vin’
  Amsterdam    Utrecht  

‘Fencing like Z...Zorro’ € 32 p.p. incl. BTW
Feel a little bit like ZZZ.... Zorro! During this special fencing lesson you will get acquainted with the different parts of this gracious sport. After a short introduction about the history of fencing you will soon start the exercises in weapon control. attack and defence. The instructors are trained by the champion of many national and international fencing competitions. who was the former coach of the national ladies fencing team.

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Vrijgezellenfeest_bedrijfsuitje Schermenworkshop_1

‘Caricature drawing’ € 32 p.p. incl. BTW
A high fore head and long teeth. a little beard and tiny tiny hands. A very big smile and a present nose.. draw them smaller? That is not going to happen! Gigantic ears to hear you better and wait.. not so common. enormous jaws. A pony tail. curly hair and spikes...you can add a little bit here. a little bit there....The result will be a memorable drawing of your collegue!

More info ‘Caricature drawing’
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Party on the water’ cruising on a beautiful private boat € 31,50 p.p. incl. BTW
Beautiful and fun! Cruising on Amsterdam’s canals...On this eight meter long. pretty and authentic ‘saloon steamer‘ you will be welcomed be our friendly and experienced skipper who will take you on a tour on the water. On his ‘beautiful lady’ you will feel happy with both good as bad weather. Our shipper will show you the most beautiful spots of Amsterdam!

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Vrijgezellenfeest_bedrijfsuitje Feestje op het water

‘Drumming on a ‘n djembé’ € 29 p.p. incl. BTW
Everyone understands the language of music and above all it makes people happy! So drum along during this accessible and energetic workshop. and listen to the coolest ’beats’. The djembe was always used by African tribes during important ceremonies such as weddings and war announcements. today however with guidance from our ‘tribe chief’ you are going to drum along to your own ‘corporate beat‘. So you won‘t leave the trip quietly!

More info ‘Drumming on a ‘n djembé’
Bedrijfsuitje_vrijgezellenfeest djembeworkshop
  Amsterdam    Utrecht  

Beat it! - make music with balls, brooms, pots and pans € 34 p.p. incl. BTW
The most ordinary things can make the most surprising instruments in this fun workshop. Theatre group STOMP and MAYUMANA have it all in their whirlwind shows. During your corporate workshop you will drum to your heart’s content. and with guidance from our percussionist you will discover the hidden rhythms with pots and pans. brooms. a cement barrel. spoons and forks and who knows maybe even a basket ball. a bike pump or a plastic bag.

More info Beat it! - make music with balls, brooms, pots and pans
  Amsterdam    Utrecht  

‘It‘s a kind of magic’ - magic tricks workshop € 34 p.p. incl. BTW
Always wondered how a magician can fool you right in front of your eyes? Then this workshop is perfect for you and your colleagues!
A versatile magician and entertainer will show several ‘close up magic tricks‘ with different kinds of daily objects like table cloths and matches. Then it’s up to you! The workshop ‘it‘s a kind of magic‘ is fun and informative and with the learned gimmicks you will have something extra at hand to impress someone at a party or so....

More info ‘It‘s a kind of magic’ - magic tricks workshop
Vrijgezellenfeest_bedrijfsuitje goochelworkshop_2
  Amsterdam    Utrecht  

Cheerleaden - Company ‘Battle of the Best‘ € 29 p.p. incl. BTW
Cheerleading is not suitable for a mixed corporate workshop? Of course it is! We have set up this exciting workshop. so that men and women can rise to the challenge of learning this popular American sport. Our cheerleader will split your group into teams. and each team will think of their own ‘company chant’ and will work on the ‘moves’. At the end there is a small dance competition. that gets the laughing muscles working and boosts ‘team spirit‘.

More info Cheerleaden - Company ‘Battle of the Best‘
cheerleaden_vrijgezellenfeest 142x107
  Amsterdam    Utrecht  

‘Las Vegas!‘ - Casino Clinic or Casino Night € 45 p.p. incl. BTW
Las Vegas not a feasible option? No problem! Our casino clinic or casino night has everything that you would find there. but in your own environment! During the all-round clinic casino you can play the popular casino games ‘Roulette‘. ‘Poker‘ and ‘Black Jack‘. The croupier with a gold tie. will explain all the rules. So. everyone that joins in the tournament has a chance to go home with the jackpot. Guaranteed fun and teambuilding!

More info ‘Las Vegas!‘ - Casino Clinic or Casino Night
  Amsterdam    Utrecht  

‘Shake it baby!’ - cocktail workshop € 45 p.p. incl. BTW
In a beautiful cocktail bar in the heart of Amsterdam. where luxurious and warmth shake hands. you will practise with the shaker and the strainer. Together with a professional shaker. you will make the most delicious world-famous classics as the ‘Manhattan’. the trendy ‘Cosmopolitan’. ‘Caipirinha’ or the ‘Whiskey Sour’. Some nuts and olives make this workshop complete.

More info ‘Shake it baby!’ - cocktail workshop

Swinging Salsa! € 25 p.p. incl. BTW
Spice up your day with a super swinging and fun salsa workshop. Literally ‘Salsa‘ means sauce in Spanish and it is a name for different kinds of rhythms like the Mambo. the Guaguancó and the Cha-cha-cha. Salsa can be slow and seductive. quick and stirring or just relaxing. You will get dance instructions by a well-known dancing teacher that has earned his fame in the salsa world.

More info Swinging Salsa!
Vrijgezellenfeest_bedrijfsuitje Salsaworkshop_1
  Amsterdam    Utrecht  

‘Human Beatbox’ € 29 p.p. incl. BTW
You will be amazed when you watch this video. that’s for sure. It came from ‘You Tube’ and has been watched almost 17 million times (!) in a very short period of time by people all over the world. No surprise there. because this French guy who is able to be a ‘Human Beatbox’ is amazing. Now it’s your and your friends’ turn to be a ‘Human Beatbox’.

More info ‘Human Beatbox’
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Karate kid’ € 27 p.p. incl. BTW
‘Fighting is always the last answer to a problem‘ says the old Mr. Miyagi to his karate pupil Daniel in the famous movie Karate kid. as he clips his bonsai tree. Karate is a martial art. but you do not need to injure each other! With this fun workshop you will learn the basics of this sport.

More info ‘Karate kid’

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