Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Doubledutch Events residing in Zutphen, Tengnagelshoek 10, 7201 NE Zutphen registered as an one-man business at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam under number 34171415

Article 1. General stipulations

1.1 The conditions below are applicable to all agreements to be drawn up with Doubledutch Events.

1.2. Variations of these conditions are only binding, when confirmed in writing by the Doubledutch Events management.

1.3. The nullity of one or more stipulations does not influence the validity and application of the other stipulations.

Article 2. Definitions:

Organiser: Doubledutch Events
Client: The artificial or natural individual who requested organiser to perform services.

Article 3. Reservation/ constitution of the agreement

3.1. Client fills in the reservation form shown on the organiser's website or informs the organiser in writing of the intention to make a reservation and agreement with the terms and conditions.

3.2. The organiser will then immediately proceed with making reservations and any changes, from that moment on, will be subject to billing. (see article 6).

3.3 The organiser's subsequent sending of an order confirmation and invoice, COMBINED WITH client sending back the signed order confirmation within the given time frame constitutes an agreement.

3.4.The organiser cannot guarantee the availability of the arrangements in the agreement, if the order confirmation is not sent back within the given time frame.

3.5. He, who on behalf of, or for the benefit of, a group of natural persons enters into the agreement,
will be severally liable for all the obligations stemming from this agreement.

3.6. Organiser shall perform each agreement to the best of his abilities and is authorised to call in third parties for implementation of the agreement.

Article 4. Payment

4.1. Organiser shall send an invoice along with the order confirmation.

4.2. Unless agreed otherwise, in writing, the invoice sum is to be paid in full to organiser, two days prior to the start of the event at the latest.

4.3. The client who does not pay in time will be legally in default without organiser having to serve notice. Organiser is authorised to cancel the agreement or to claim full payment with additional compensation for damages regarding all the agreement- related costs and additional costs such as bailiff- or debt-recovery agency costs.

4.4. A client who does not pay in time shall owe the organiser legal interest over the agreement sum as well as costs effective from the day of default, with the provision that a part of a month will be billed as a full month.

Article 5. Costs/price

5.1 All the goods described in the event will be included in the price indicated by the organiser. Reservation costs are 15 (VAT included) per reservation unless stated otherwise.

5.2. Unless agreed otherwise, the following are not included in the costs/price:
transportation from and to the location(s); the insurance costs; incidental costs for extra refreshments and extra materials used.

5.3. The costs mentioned under article 5.1 C. will be paid by client to the service providers concerned on the actual day of the event, unless agreed otherwise (f.e. by cooking workshops. Drinks at cooking workshops will always be calculated based on subsequent calculation. See 5.4).

5.4. Costs mentioned under 5.2. C. which are not paid to the service provider(s) concerned on the actual day will result in a retrospective payment. This payment will be subject to a 25 administration fee (VAT incl.)

5.5 The printed prices are based on prices and conditions at the time of drafting the event programme. Organiser reserves the right to change prices prior to a reservation if required because of price adjustments by third parties, including the applicable VAT regulations.

Article 6. Adjustments by client

6.1 Adjustments by the client shall be made in writing or by e-mail. Reception date shall be considered the effective adjustment date.

Fewer participants
6.2. The number of participants can be reduced until eight days prior to the planned event date up to a maximum of 25% of the original reservation group size. After this deadline reduction by the client is no longer possible, among other reasons, because of agreements with third parties and administrative difficulties.

6.3. Client therefore needs to expect the event costs to be as agreed earlier with organiser, even if fewer participants than planned turn up at the event.

More participants/other adjustments
6.4 More participants or event programme changes by the client can be facilitated as far as this is feasible. In the event of higher expenses these will be billed through to the client.

6.5. In the event that more participants are present at the moment of the event(s) than known to the organiser based on the reservation, organiser will charge a retrospective bill, supplemented with extra administration expenses of 25 (VAT included).

Article 7. Cancellation by the client and/or reservation changes (in time and/or date)

7.1 Cancellation(s) by client shall be done in dated writing. The reception date shall be considered the effective date of adjustment.

7.2. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, cancellation of, or changes to, a reservation shall result in the following sums to be billed:
a. Changes to the event programme in time and/or date, made after the client has filled in the reservation form or indication in writing of the intention to make a reservation will be billed 50 (VAT included).

b. Cancellation of the full group after signing the order confirmation up until 21 days prior to the start of the event will result in a 75 bill (VAT included).

c. Cancellation within the period of 20 to 9 days prior to the start of the event will require client to pay 50% of the reservation costs with a minimum of 75 (VAT included)

d. Cancellation within a period of 8 days or less prior to the start of the event requires the client to pay 100% of the reservation costs.

Article 8. Changes/ Cancellation by the organiser

8.1. In the event the organiser by circumstances resulting from his own management, fails to have the event take place, or adjustments need to be made, the organiser has an obligation to inform the client as soon as possible.

8.2. In case organiser is not able to have the reservation take place, the organiser will forthwith reimburse the paid reservation sum (be it paid in full or in part). Organiser is not required to pay other compensation or expenses.

Article 9. Damage by participant(s)

9.1. Any participant in a particular activity causing actual nuisance or trouble or likely to cause nuisance or trouble, to the extent that the event (workshop, arrangement, diner, tour etc.) is hindered considerably, will be excluded from the event by the organiser's coordinator.

9.2. All costs resulting from the nuisance and exclusion of the participant will be charged to the participant, if and as far as the consequences of the nuisance can be attributed to him/her. Organiser reserves the right to claim any damages caused by the participant, at the expense of the participant or client.

Article 10. Complaints

10.1 The efforts and care of the organiser notwithstanding it is always possible that the client has a complaint. This complaint needs to be filed directly at the organiser's point of contact/coordinator, in order for matters to be taken care of to the satisfaction of the client.

10.2. If it is not possible for organiser to resolve the complaint at the moment of the event, office staff of the organiser will handle the complaint after written notification.

Article 11. Publications

11.1. Organiser accepts no responsibility for information, photos, brochures and other promotional materials distributed by third parties.

11.2. Printing errors and/or apparent mistakes in publications of, or on behalf of the organiser are not binding to organiser. The organiser's offer made in publications is without obligations and can be recalled if need arises.

Article 12. Restriction of liability of organiser

12.1. Organiser is not responsible for evident irregularities in the quotation given to client.

12.2. Organiser is not responsible for any damage or harm to participants of the event, unless demonstrable intent or gross negligence from the organiser's part is evident.

12.3. Organiser is not responsible for damage to participants as a consequence of delays, mechanical failure, weather circumstances, natural influences, industrial action, sickness or any other force majeure situation.

12.4. Organiser is not responsible for actions and influences of third parties not directly involved in implementation of the agreement; circumstances which cannot be blamed on the organiser and which, pursuant to Dutch law or socially accepted standards, cannot be held to the account of organiser.

Article 13. Force Majeure

13.1 In the event of force majeure organiser has the right to suspend implementation of the agreement, or to partly or completely cancel the agreement, without the right for client to claim compensation for damages, expenses or interest. In case of force majeure, organiser shall inform the participant forthwith and try to offer an alternative, satisfactory to both parties.

13.2. Included in force majeure, without any restrictions are: industrial action, death, fire, transportation, obstruction, molestation, sickness, and in general all unforeseen circumstances as a consequence of which implementation of the agreement by organiser cannot be expected anymore.

Article 14. Applicable law

14.1. Dutch law is applicable to the agreement between organiser and client. Unless parties have agreed to settle matters between them or to bring the disagreement before an arbitrary body, all disagreements will be tried before the authorised judge in Amsterdam.