Singingworkshop ‘X-Factor‘ - record your own CD or MP3! € 28 p.p. incl. BTW
You might not get excited by the idea of singing in front of your friends, but this singing workshop is definitely fun! The easy-going and cheerful singer will pull everyone along. Whether you want to sing ‘How deep is your love‘, ‘It‘s raining men‘, or ‘Like a virgin‘, it is all possible and you do not need to have any singing experience. Just sing, and you will have a great time together. Maybe you even have the X-Factor!

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Vrijgezellenfeest_bedrijfsuitje Zangworkshop
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘The secret of a striptease’ € 30 p.p. incl. BTW
Seductive, happy, funny and exciting. This is the exclusive striptease workshop for ladies and gentlemen. A professional striptease-dancer will give a short show and then reveals some of the secrets of how to perform a successful striptease. The bride or groom to be gets special attention and will learn about how to dance and walk in a sensual manner. The group then joins which might cause some hilarious moments!

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Vrijgezellenfeest striptease workshop1
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Burlesque workshop - ‘Teasing and Theater’ € 32 p.p. incl. BTW
An amazingly popular workshop! Join in and you too will feel sexy with the glitz & glamour, the teasing and theatrics, the humour and self-mockery...it’s all covered!
In 1,5 hours, you will learn the basics of burlesque dancing from our professionals just as Christina Aguilera did from Cher in the movie ‘Burlesque’. With our long black evening gloves and red feather fans, you will feel very feminine and the choreography will definitely be a success. And the teasing naughty nipple tassels? You may keep these as a memento of the day; these make the hen party complete!

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Nieuw Burlesque 3x4
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Let‘s Go! Cheerleading’ € 29 p.p. incl. BTW
Chens and cheers.. Cheerleading is hot! This dance style is not only about giggling and jumping around, no it‘s a serious thing if you would like to do it right! "This athletic dance style is real popular in the United States as well as in Holland." Professional cheerleaders practice for hours to come to those right steps and cheers for a sports game and crowd.

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cheerleaden_vrijgezellenfeest 142x107
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Improvisation through theatre sports € 36 p.p. incl. BTW
Fancy, improvise and shine during this workshop improvisation theatre. There is no theatre experience needed, just let the story guide you, which develops itself as you go along. Maybe you can already picture some hilarious situations, as there is no certain script. You will absolutely get to know some new aspects of your colleagues during this company outing.

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theatersport bedrijfsuitje-
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Stiletto workshop € 30 p.p. incl. BTW
Wearing high heels is an art itself! A lot of women find it hard to stay in balance and being elegant at the same time! During this new workshop, which is ultimately popular in the USA and Great Britain, you learn a lot about wearing ‘stiletto’s’ and you receive tips and tricks which can make you progress and move like a real ‘femme fatale’.

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Vrijgezellenfeest Stilettoworkshop
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Ladies Only!’ - Salsa workshop ‘Ladystyle’ € 25 p.p. incl. BTW
A swinging salsa workshop, especially for the ‘Ladies’!
Imagine you are on a mini vacation in Cuba and embrace the dance experience. Enjoy the catchy music, a confidently radiant future bride, and probably tropical temperatures too. During this ‘Ladystyle’ workshop you will learn the basics of salsa dancing and how to do moves in a feminine manner. There is special emphasis on flashy arm and foot work, so you will definately feel like a woman!

More info ‘Ladies Only!’ - Salsa workshop ‘Ladystyle’
Vrijgezellenfeest Salsa ladystyle
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Popquiz! € 25 p.p. incl. BTW
This swinging competition full of music and fun is highly recommended for both young and old! Sing along to old and new hits, listen to tunes from television series and bluff each other with your knowledge...this is sure to add some healthy competition to your bachelor party! Our generous presenter / DJ* will hand out the sheets and ensure you have a swinging and informal line up. And the winning team? They will go home with our famous ’Oscar’ of the pop quizzes!

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Popquiz Modern Talking 142x107
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Sensual moving and dancing - Feel like a woman! € 30 p.p. incl. BTW
It is not always easy being a woman. You must know everything, be able to do 1000 things at any one time, walk on high heels, bare children and in the meantime be sexy...It is not easy, so we would like to give you a hand! Our newest hit is called ‘sensual dancing’ and is for all ladies that want to have a laugh with each other, and at the same time learn how to dance and move in a feminine and elegant manner. ‘Sex-appeal‘ takes you everywhere, you will see!

More info Sensual moving and dancing - Feel like a woman!
Vrijgezellenfeest Sensueel dansen1
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Lapdance’ - workshop € 30 p.p. incl. BTW
New, naughty and provocative, and incredibly ‘hot’... giving a lap dance! This workshop is daring and erotic and a touch more physical than our workshop ‘The secret of a striptease‘, but equally as much fun! The workshop will start with our experienced dancer giving a show to get you in the mood... and than it‘s op to you!

More info ‘Lapdance’ - workshop
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Dance around the world!’ - the ultimite dans mix! € 27 p.p. incl. BTW
Are you finding it hard to choose something from our selection? Maybe you’re not sure what the bride would prefer? In this workshop you can dance around the world, literally! Salsa, mtv-dance, can can, musical dance, hip hop....there is a bit of everything. Our enthusiastic dance teachers ensure that by the end of the workshop the diverse styles of dance come together as a whole. So don’t hesitate any further and ‘Dance around the world, all you boys and girls!‘

More info ‘Dance around the world!’ - the ultimite dans mix!
Wereldbol met dansende kinderen
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Caricature drawing’ € 32 p.p. incl. BTW
A high fore head and long teeth, a little beard and tiny tiny hands. A very big smile and a present nose.. draw them smaller? That is not going to happen! Gigantic ears to hear you better and wait.. not so common, enormous jaws. A pony tail, curly hair and spikes...you can add a little bit here, a little bit there.....The result will be memorable drawing of your friends!

More info ‘Caricature drawing’
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘It’s show time’ musical dance € 25 p.p. incl. BTW
You are a star during this fun and festive showmusical dancing workshop. In a nice dancinf studio you will work together on a choreography of musicals such as Chicago and/or Cabaret, the musicals Fame, Grease, Mamma Mia or Saturday Night Fever. You can let us know which musical has your preference. Our experienced and enthusiastic choreographer will guide you and even without any dancing experience, you will have a good time and be able to tag along. So, Broadway.. Here we come!

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  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Royal Bluf’ - poker workshop € 34,50 p.p. incl. BTW
Everyone is talking about it, it is on the news and you find it on the Internet. What a hit..Poker! During this card game you are expected to form the highest card combinations possible with cards like ‘ace‘, ‘king‘, ‘queen‘ or ‘jack‘, or to make an uncalled bet. Bluffing is a must! Even better, the one who is able to bluff and to put on a poker face will have more chances in winning the game.

More info ‘Royal Bluf’ - poker workshop
Vrijgezellenfeest_bedrijfsuitje Pokeren
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

Lovely Latin! - workshop ‘salsa mix’ € 25 p.p. incl. BTW
Sometimes it is so difficult to choose! Especially with a group, because one wants this, another that ...
To make things easier, we have devised a new swinging workshop whereby you have guaranteed fun and can have a good dance: the "The lovely Latin! This is a mix of dance styles like salsa, Bachata, merengue and the soukous.

More info Lovely Latin! - workshop ‘salsa mix’
Vrijgezellenfeest lekkere latin dames
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘MTV Dance’ € 25 p.p. incl. BTW
Would you like to dance like Justin, Britney, J-Lo or Janet? This you can try during this energetic dancing workshop. Our professional dancing tutor lets you get acquainted with trends that you see on television in video clips nowadays. City jam, street dance, hip-hop, R&B are all passing by..

More info ‘MTV Dance’
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Go go discodance’ € 29 p.p. incl. BTW
Do you love dancing and going out? Then choose this workshop Go Go dance! Go Go dancers can be found in clubs, who are dancing on stages or pillars and in cages and pumping up the crowd to make them dance and go crazy.
With the guidance of our professional and enthusiastic dancer you will learn how to dance and move to get others to dance with you!

More info ‘Go go discodance’
Vrijgezellenfeest go go disco dance_1
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Gimme all you got’ - Rap & Beats - workshop € 29 p.p. incl. BTW
Flow with the rhyme, you will feel so fine... You might get the picture...> ‘ To rap ’ is rhythmic rhyming on music and during this fun workshop together you will make your own original ‘Rap‘ on the music of ’a ‘cool ’ beat with the help of our professional and experienced ‘MC Alex’.

More info ‘Gimme all you got’ - Rap & Beats - workshop
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

‘Human Beatbox’ € 29 p.p. incl. BTW
You will be amazed when you watch this video, that’s for sure. It came from ‘You Tube’ and has been watched almost 17 million times (!) in a very short period of time by people all over the world. No surprise there, because this French guy who is able to be a ‘Human Beatbox’ is amazing. Now it’s your and your friends’ turn to be a ‘Human Beatbox’.

More info ‘Human Beatbox’
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

workshop Zumba! € 26 p.p. incl. BTW
‘Zumba’ literally means ‘Move fast and have fun’. So, it is impossible to stay still as you, the bride and your friends listen to the lively music. Zumba is a mix of various dance styles, reminiscent of warm summers and happy people: Salsa, merengue, samba, reggae ton, bachata, and soukou. Would you like to have fun together and see happy faces? In other words: an unforgettable bachelor party? Then come and join us!

More info workshop Zumba!
zumba 142x107
  Amsterdam    Rotterdam    Utrecht  

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